Pop up restaurant

In recent months you could taste at Rø the many specialties that Scandinavia has to offer. Thank you for being our guest!

You can still contact Rø for groups and events. More information can be found on the Events page.

Bar & Kitchen

New Nordic Cuisine

A place inspired by Scandinavian peacefulness

RO [’ruː]
Scandinavian for ‘tranquility’.

Peace, calm and tranquility from the kingdoms of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. A small word with great meaning shared by all three Scandinavian languages.

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New Nordic Cuisine

New Nordic Cuisine has been used to promote local, natural and seasonal produce as a basis for new dishes both in restaurants and in the home. As a result, a number of restaurants, in particular in Denmark, have introduced local ingredients, some often new to the usual palate, in combination with traditional foods prepared in new ways.